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HUD Section 184 – Native American Home Loans 

The HUD-184 Home Loan Guarantee Program is a government-supported loan program administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was designed to provide members of Native American tribal governments access to flexible mortgage financing options.

The down payment requirements for a HUD-184 loan are among the industry’s lowest. A down payment of 2.25 percent is required for loans of $50,000 or more, while a down payment of 1.25 percent is required for loans of less than $50,000. In addition, a one-time guarantee charge equal to 1.5 percent is paid to the government.

Who is Eligible for HUD 184 Loan?

The Section 184 Loan Program is open to participation from any individual who is a member of a tribe that the federal government recognizes. As long as they have a Tribal Membership or Citizen Card from a tribe that has achieved formal government recognition, Native Americans, regardless of whether they have previously purchased a home or are doing so for the first time, are eligible for the loan.

To be eligible for a HUD Section 184 loan, you must be an Alaskan or Native American tribal community member. The authorities of the tribe determine who is allowed to become a member of the tribe and, most of the time, give them a card or a letter to prove their membership. When applying for a loan under Section 184, you must produce paperwork proving your membership in a tribal organization. It is up to the participating Tribes to determine whether or not the eligibility provisions of Section 184 apply just to specific counties or to the entire state.

Participating in the HUD-184 mortgage loan program requires no minimum credit score. It is the optimal solution for qualified persons but with marginal credit. Unlike most mortgage programs, borrowers with marginal credit are not required to pay higher interest rates.

How Does The HUD 184 Loan Work?

Section 184 home mortgage loans for Native American borrowers are insured by the Office of Loan Guarantee, which is part of HUD’s Office of Native American Programs. The lending program ensures the lender will get their money back in full if the property goes into foreclosure.

The Borrower must communicate with the Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs before applying for a Section 184 loan from a participating lender and leasing tribal land. After carefully evaluating the relevant loan paperwork, the lender submits the loan for approval to HUD’s Office of Loan Guarantee.

Apply for a Native American Home Loan in Lubbock

If you are a member of a Native American tribe and believe that you may be eligible for a Section 184 loan, Capital Home Mortgage can assist you with the application process.

Consultations with us are always free. We will answer any questions you may have regarding Section 184 mortgages and explain all of the many mortgage choices that are currently available. To speak with a Native American home loan team member, please call us at (806) 589-3428.

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