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Wichita Falls Conventional Home Mortgages can be used to purchase primary, secondary and investment properties. In this way conventional loans differ from other types of mortgage loans by allowing for different property uses.  Guaranteed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, conventional mortgages have different criteria and are ideal for borrowers who have higher credit scores.  Subsequently, conventional mortgage loans usually require less documentation than VA Home Loans, FHA Home Loans or USDA Home Loans which makes for easier qualifying.  Wichita Falls Conventional Mortgages credit requirements are higher for conventional loans. The factors considered when applying for Wichita Falls Conventional Home Loans are the borrower’s financial history, income, credit score and down payment compared to the sales price of the home.The last item considered on Conventional Home Loans are the loan limits based on the county where the property is located.  These are separated into conforming and high balance loan limits. For more information on a specific area please contact one of our licensed loan officers. Call today to speak to a licensed mortgage officer.

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Benefits of Wichita Falls Conventional Home Loans

Conventional Purchase Loans are one of the most popular types of loans and a great choice for many home buyers. Conventional mortgages can be used to purchase any type of occupancy, while FHA, USDA, VA and Native American Loans are restricted to primary residence only. Conventional mortgages are great for borrowers that have higher credit scores and typically have easier qualifying.  

  • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Insured
  • Primary, Second or Investment Property
  • Single and Multi Family, Condo’s & Manufactured Homes
  • Mortgage Insurance Options
  • Lower Rates and Better Terms
  • 97% Loan to Value – Conforming – 647,250 Max Loan
  • 95% Loan to Value – High Balance
  • Primary Residence
    • Single Family – 95%  ( 97% First Time Buyer )
    • Duplex – 85%
    • Tri / 4 Plex – 80%
  • Second Home
    • Single Family – 90% 
    • Duplex – N/A
    • Tri / 4 Plex – N/A
  • Investment Property
    • Single Family – 85% 
    • Duplex – 75%
    • Tri / 4 Plex – 75%
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