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Mortgage Refinance

What is the Purpose of Your Mortgage Refinance?

Reduce the Payment? Shorten the Term? Equity Cash-out?
No Matter the Goal... Capital Home Mortgage has the Loan Program.

Capital Home Mortgage is dedicated to offering Home Owners a complete line of mortgage programs to meet all types of clients refinance needs.  Whether you are looking to reduce your mortgage payment. shorten mortgage your term or cash out equity we have a program to meet your needs.  Capital Home mortgage prides itself on offering great service with the lowest possible rates and fees.   

Why People Are Choosing Capital Home Mortgage...

Close On Time with True Approval

Control of the Loan from the Application to Funding.

Great Rates / Low Fees

Direct Mortgage Lender Providing Competitive Rates and Low Fees.

Exceptional Customer Service

7  Day a Week Support Application to Final Mortgage Payment. 

Capital Home Mortgage Rates

Have you ever wondered why interests rates are what they are and what determines the final rate?  Why borrowers receive different interest rates? Or why rates go up and down?  Interest Rates are calculated using several factors.

  • Demand for the mortgage Securities
  • Property securing the mortgage
  • occupancy of the property
  • Loan to value of the property
  • Borrower’s credit worthiness

Benefits of a USDA Loan

USDA Loans are a great option for families wanting to live outside of the city.  Call today to speak with a loan officer to discuss your personal loan options.

  • Guaranteed by US Depart of Agriculture
  • Rural Properties Only
  • 100% Financing
  • No Restrictions on Seller Concessions
  • Low Monthly Mortgage Insurance
  • Acreage Up to 30% of Total Value
  • FHA/USDA Certified Appraisers only
  • Guarantee Fee May be Rolled In
  • New Manufactured Home Only

FHA Refinance Loans

FHA offers streamline refinances that reduces the interest rate and lowers the payment or shortens the term of the loan.  This rate and term option can be fully documented or can be reduced documentation.  The other FHA option is a full documentation or cash-out refinance allowing homeowners the ability to access the equity in the property. (Not Allowed in Texas)

FHA Refinance

  • Appraisal Required
  • 97.75% Max Loan to Value
  • Closing Costs Rolled In
  • Income Documented
  • 80% Max LTV Cash-out
  • County Loan Limits Apply

FHA Streamline

  • FHA to FHA
  • No Income Qualification
  • No Appraisal Required
  • Costs Cannot Be Rolled In
  • 1 Yr No Mortgage Lates
  • Payment Must Reduce

Jumbo Refinance Loan

Jumbo home loans, also called a non-conforming home loans, are home loan that exceeds the county lending limits of the GSE’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Jumbo loans are backed by private investors and have different underwriting requirements from traditional Conventional and government home loans.   These guidelines are typically more restrictive, but do make it possible for larger home purchases to be financed. 

  • Up to 3 Million Loan Amounts
  • Up to 90% Loan to Value
  • Traditional and Non QM Programs
  • Subject to Investor Requirements

VA Mortgage Refinance Loan

The VA Home Mortgage Program offers two types of refinances.  The streamline refinance, known as an interest rate reduction loan requires minimal documentation and must provide the veteran savings in payment or a reduction in term.  The regular refinance is for cash-out and for conversions when a veteran is changing their mortgage over to a VA loan.

  • Streamline Option
    • VA IRRRL Rate and Term
    • No Appraisal Required
    • No Income Verification Required
  • Full Documentation
    • Cash-Out or Loan Conversion
    • Appraisal Required
    • Income Verification Required

Reverse Mortgage Loan

Reverse Mortgage Loans  offer older Americans the ability to use the equity they have established in their home to defer monthly payments all while using the funds for other life activities or challenges.

Reverse Mortgage Loans offer seniors options to use their home’s equity for cash or to eliminate payments. Call today to get speak to a Reverse Loan Officer.

  • Purchase & Refinance
  • Primary Only
  • 62 Years or Older
  • Required Hud Counseling
  • Homeowners Insurance Required
  • Must Continue to Pay Taxes
  • Meet Required Equity Values

Conventional Refinance Loans

Conventional Refinance Loans are used for more refinances than any other type of mortgage loan.   This is due to Conventional loans allowing for all occupancy and property types and typically don’t require any mortgage insurance due to loan to value requirements. Conventional mortgages due require higher credit scores but offer better rates.  

  • Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Insured
  • Primary, 2nd or Investment Homes
  • Single and Multi-Family
  • Condo’s & Manufactured Homes
  • Mortgage Insurance Options
  • Lower Rates and Better Terms
  • Maximum Loan Amount – $715,000
  • High Balance ( Varies by County )

Native American Refinance Loans

Benefits of a Native American Refinance Home Loan

HUD 184 Home Loans are a great option for Native American looking to lower the payment, cashout equity, rehab or repair their home.   The Native American loan offers flexible underwriting making one of the easier mortgage loans to obtain.

  • Refinance Existing Home
  • Rehab or Repair an Existing Home
  • Cash Out Equity of Existing Home
  • Primary Residences Only
  • Tribal Grants Allowed
  • No Credit Score Minimums
  • Manual Underwriting on All Loans
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