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Cape Coral is a city in Lee County, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It is the United States 130th most populous city. Cape Coral is the largest city between Tampa and Miami in terms of population and area, with 120 square miles (310 km2). It is the largest and most important city in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida, Combined Statistical Area. The city boasts more navigable waterways than any other metropolis, with nearly 400 miles (640 kilometers).

The housing market in Cape Coral, Florida, has grown steadily over the years, and it will remain a balanced market in 2023, with a good supply of properties for sale. Based on Redfin and records, this study summarizes the housing market trends in Cape Coral as of January 2023.

Despite the high demand for housing, Cape Coral remains a comparatively reasonable property market compared to other Florida towns such as Miami and Tampa. Cape Coral, however, has its challenges. The city is prone to natural disasters and environmental dangers like storms, floods, heat waves, droughts, and wildfires.

Home Loan Programs in Cap Coral

Moving into a lovely Cape Coral property might be a dream come true. To make it happen, you need to purchase a home employing a competitive mortgage with rates and requirements that are suitable for you. The most commonly used home loan programs in Cape Coral are as follows:

  • Conventional loans

A conventional mortgage is a home loan neither federally guaranteed nor insured. Private lenders like banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies instead support it. Conforming conventional mortgages can be either non-conforming or conforming.

Conventional conforming loans adhere to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s loan limits, underwriting guidelines, and other established criteria. These loans are eligible for purchase and securitization by these GSEs, which contributes to developing a secondary mortgage market and increases housing market liquidity. Conventional conforming loan limits for 2023 in Lee County range from $726,200 for homes with one dwelling unit to $1,396,800 for homes with four dwelling units. 

Loans that do not adhere to other GSE underwriting requirements, such as those for borrowers with unusual income sources or problems with their credit histories, can also be referred to as non-conforming loans. Although these loans might still be accessible through private lenders or specialized programs, their conditions are typically worse than those of conforming loans.

Borrowers must generally meet the following requirements to qualify for a conventional mortgage:

  • Credit Score: 

Typically, a credit score of 620 is required, though some lenders may require a high credit score. Better interest rates and terms can be obtained with higher credit scores.

  • DTI Ratio: 

Lenders want a debt-to-income ratio (DTI) of less than 43%, which means that your monthly loan payments and other debts should be at most 43% of your gross monthly income.

  • Down Payment: 

While a 3 – 5% down payment is usually required, a larger down payment (20% or more) can help you avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI) and achieve lower interest rates.

  • Employment History: 

A steady employment history, usually with a minimum of two years in the same profession, is preferable.

  • FHA loans

An FHA home loan is a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a government agency of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). FHA-insured loans are intended to assist low-income and first-time homebuyers in qualifying for a mortgage by requiring lower down payments and more lenient credit standards than conventional loans.

To qualify for an FHA-insured loan, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Credit Score: 

Borrowers must have a minimum credit score of 500 to qualify. However, a credit score of at least 580 is required to qualify for the minimum down payment option.

  • Down Payment: 

A minimum 3.5% down payment is required from applicants with a credit score of 580 or higher. Between 500 and 579 credit scores, a 10% down payment is required.

  • DTI: Debt-to-Income: 

Ratio The FHA prefers a DTI ratio of 43 percent or less, which means that your monthly debt payments should not exceed 43 percent of your total monthly income. Exceptions may be made for debtors with a DTI ratio as high as 50% if they have substantial compensating factors, such as a significant down payment or substantial cash reserves.

  • Mortgage Insurance: 

Borrowers must pay both an initial mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP) and an annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP) for mortgage insurance. The UFMIP is typically 1.75 percent of the loan amount and may be financed, whereas the MIP is paid monthly and varies based on the loan term and loan-to-value ratio (LTV).

  • Property Standards: 

The property must meet FHA’s minimum property standards, which include safety, security, and integrity requirements. An FHA-approved appraiser must appraise the property to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Occupancy: The borrower must occupy the property as their principal residence.

It is crucial to note that these are general guidelines, and individual lenders may impose additional requirements or provide more accommodating terms. To apply for an FHA-insured loan, you must work with an FHA-approved lender who will guide you through the application process and assist you in determining your eligibility.

  • VA loans

VA home loans are mortgage loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These loans are intended to assist eligible veterans, active-duty service members, and surviving spouses in purchasing, refinancing, or improving a house. VA home loans can provide advantageous features, such as no down payment, no private mortgage insurance (PMI), and reasonable interest rates.

To be eligible for a VA home loan, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Eligibility: 

A valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is required to verify your military service status. Eligibility is determined by service history, which often includes:

  • 90 days of continuous active-duty service during wartime
  • 181 days of continuous active-duty service during peacetime
  • 6 years of National Guard or Reserve service
  • Being the surviving spouse of a service member killed in the line of duty or suffering from a service-connected disability
  • Credit Score: 

The VA has no minimum credit score requirement, but individual lenders may have their own. Generally, most lenders want a credit score of 620 or better.

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): 

The VA wants a DTI ratio of 41% or less, which implies that your monthly debt payments should not be more than 41% of your total monthly income. However, borrowers with a greater DTI ratio may be exempt if they have sufficient offsetting circumstances, such as a big down payment or significant financial reserves.

  • Residual Income: 

The VA requires borrowers to have a certain level of residual income, which is the money left over after paying all significant bills and obligations each month. The exact quantity depends on family size and area.

  • Property Standards: 

The property being purchased must meet the minimum property standards (MPRs) the VA established, including safety, structural integrity, and sanitary conditions. A VA-approved appraiser must inspect the property to confirm it fits these requirements.

  • Occupancy: 

The borrower must occupy the property as their principal residence within a reasonable time, usually 60 days after closing the loan.

To apply for a VA home loan, you must work with a VA-approved lender who will walk you through the application process and assist you in obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility.

  • USDA loans

USDA home loans, commonly known as USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loans, are mortgage loans guaranteed by the USDA. These loans are intended to help low- to moderate-income homebuyers purchase homes in suitable rural and suburban areas. USDA loans often have favorable terms, such as no down payment, low-interest rates, and lower mortgage insurance premiums.

Certain Cape Coral, Florida areas may be eligible for USDA home loans. You can use the USDA’s online eligibility map to check the eligibility of the specific regions.

Borrowers must generally meet the following requirements to qualify for a USDA home loan:

  • Income Eligibility: 

USDA loans are intended for households with low-to-moderate income. Your adjusted household income cannot exceed 115% of the area median income (AMI) for the area in question. You can use the USDA’s online income eligibility tool to see if you satisfy the income requirements.

  • Credit Score: 

While the USDA does not mandate a minimum credit score, private lenders may have their own requirements. Most lenders want a credit score of 640 or higher since it allows for faster loan processing.

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): 

The USDA recommends a DTI of 41% or less, which means your monthly debt payments, plus the proposed housing expense, should not exceed 41% of your total monthly income. However, borrowers with a higher DTI ratio may be exempt if they have substantial offsetting characteristics, such as excellent credit history or considerable financial reserves.

  • Property Requirements: 

The purchased property must be in a USDA-designated eligible rural or suburban area and meet USDA’s basic property requirements, which include safety, structural integrity, and sanitary conditions. To confirm that the property fits these requirements, it must be evaluated by a USDA-approved appraiser.

  • Occupancy: 

The borrower must occupy the property as their primary residence.

  • Citizenship: 

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals of the United States, or eligible foreigners.

To apply for a USDA home loan, you must work with a USDA-approved lender, who will walk you through the application process and determine your eligibility.

  • Jumbo loans

Jumbo loans are non-conforming mortgage loans that exceed the conforming loan limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Jumbo loans are used to finance the purchase of high-priced properties that require loan amounts exceeding conforming loan limits. Since GSEs do not back jumbo loans, lenders view them as riskier and typically have stricter qualification standards.

To qualify for a jumbo loan, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Credit Score: 

Lenders typically require a higher credit score for jumbo loans than conforming loans. Some lenders require a credit score of 720 or higher. A credit score of 700 or higher is typically preferable.

  • Down Payment: 

Jumbo loans typically require a down payment of between 10 and 20 percent of the home’s purchase price. The exact down payment requirement depends on the lender and the loan size.

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): 

For jumbo loans, lenders prefer a DTI ratio between 38% and 42%. Your monthly debt obligations should be 38 to 43 percent of your general monthly income.

  • Income Documentation: 

Lenders may require additional income documentation for jumbo loans, such as tax returns, W-2 statements, and pay stubs, to verify the borrower’s capacity to repay the loan.

  • Cash Reserves: 

Borrowers may be required to have a certain quantity of cash reserves on hand, usually equal to several months’ worth of mortgage payments. This stipulation varies by lender and loan amount.

  • Property Appraisal: 

The purchased property must undergo a thorough appraisal to ensure it fulfills the lender’s requirements and is worth the loan amount.

  • Interest Rates: 

Due to the increased risk for lenders, jumbo loans typically carry slightly higher interest rates than conforming loans.

You’ll need to work with a lender specializing in these loans to apply for a jumbo loan. Prepare to present additional documents and meet higher qualification requirements than with conforming loans.

  • Manufactured home loans

There are several types of manufactured home loans available in Cape Coral, Florida, for people wanting to finance the purchase of a manufactured or mobile home. The following are the most prevalent types of loans:

  • Conventional Loans: 

Some lenders offer conventional loans for manufactured homes that meet certain criteria, such as being permanently affixed to a foundation and categorized as real property. These loans usually demand a credit score of 620 or higher, at least a 5% down payment, and compliance with other conventional lending standards, such as debt-to-income ratio and employment history.

Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer loan programs to support the financing of manufactured homes. Both GSEs have guidelines and requirements for manufactured home loans to promote responsible lending practices and expand access to funding for these properties.

  • Fannie Mae’s MH Advantage® program provides financing for prefabricated houses with features similar to traditional site-built homes. The manufactured home must meet strict building, architectural, and energy efficiency standards to qualify for this program. Borrowers can get financing with as little as 3% down, and the loans can be utilized for both purchases and refinances.
  • Freddie Mac offers a Manufactured Home Loan program for qualifying manufactured homes permanently attached to a foundation and designated as real property. The program provides financing for the purchase and refinances transactions, with loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for primary residences of up to 95%. The manufactured home must meet strict building, safety, and energy efficiency standards to be eligible for this program.

Borrowers must meet conventional underwriting requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac manufactured home loan programs, such as credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and work history requirements. Furthermore, the property must be the borrower’s principal residence or an acceptable second home, and it must undergo a rigorous evaluation to guarantee it fits the GSEs’ requirements.

Work with a lender who offers Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac manufactured home loans to apply. The lender will walk you through the application process and assist you in assessing whether you and the property satisfy the particular guidelines and requirements of the respective GSE program.

Apply for a Home Loan in Cap Coral

Capital Home Mortgage is a direct lender and home loan servicer in Cape Coral. If you want to buy a house in Cape Coral, Capital Home Mortgage can help you every step of the way. We control your file entirely, from application to underwriting, closing to funding.

To start your homeownership journey, contact our Cape Coral Home Loan Specialists at (239) 310-5599.

Why Cape Coral HomeBuyers are Choosing Capital Home Mortgage
Close On Time

Complete Control from Application to Funding

Low Rates & Low Fees

Direct Lender with Competitive Rates & Low Fees

Exceptional Service

7  Day a Week Support Application to Final Mortgage Payment

Cape Coral Florida Mortgage Rates

Have you ever wondered why interests rates are what they are and what determines the final rate?  Why borrowers receive different interest rates? Or why rates go up and down?  Interest Rates are calculated using several factors.

  • Demand for mortgage Securities
  • Property securing the mortgage
  • occupancy of the property
  • Loan to value of the property
  • Borrower’s credit worthiness
Cape Coral Mortgage Programs

Cape Coral Home Purchase

Thinking of Buying an Cape Coral Home?

Looking to Purchase a Home? We have the loan program for you… Call today to speak with a loan officer to discuss your personal mortgage options.

  • Primary, Secondary, Investment
  • FHA, VA, USDA, Native American
  • Conventional, Jumbo, Non QM
  • Reverse, Renovation, Manufactured

Cape Coral renovation home loans

Looking to Rehab an Cape Coral Home?

Want the Charm of an Older Neighborhood? But want a new place or a fresh look? Why not look at a renovation loan?  Purchase the Perfect Home and make it your own. Call today.

  • Remodel, Renovate or Repairs
  • FHA 203K Streamline or full
  • fannie mae homestyle reno
  • freddie mac home choice reno

Cape Coral FHA Home Loans

Great for 1st Time Cape Coral Homebuyers

FHA Home Loans are great for first time home buyers, buyers with less than perfect credit, or buyers needing less out of pocket.   Call today to get started.

  • Smaller Down Payment
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Higher Debt to Income Ratios
  • Lower Credit Scores OK

Cape Coral VA Home Loans

100% Financing for Cape Coral Veterans

Proudly Serving Active Duty servicemen and women, as well as, retired and disabled veterans. Call today to speak with a VA loan officer.

  • Simply Qualifying for Veterans
  • No Down Payments Requirements
  • Lower Credit Scores Accepted
  • Manual Underwriting Allowed

Cape Coral Conventional Home Loans

Flexibility for Cape Coral Homebuyers

Conventional Home Loans are the best option for flexibility of property types and for mortgage loan terms. Call today to get speak to a Loan Officer.

  • Primary, 2nd Home, Investment
  • Great Rates & Low Fees 
  • Single Family and Multi-Family
  • Renovation Loan Programs

Cape Coral Jumbo Home Loans

Cape Coral Non Conforming Loans

Jumbo Home Loans also called Non Conforming Home Loans are great options for buyers needing financing outside of agency limits.  Call today to speak to a loan officer.

  • Primary Residence and 2nd Homes
  • Higher Loan Amounts – 3 Million
  • Great Interest Rates
  • Investor Specific Guidelines

Cape Coral USDA Home Loans

100% Cape Coral Rural Home Loans

USDA Loans are a great option for families wanting to live outside of the city.  Call today to speak with a loan officer to discuss your personal loan options.

  • Rural Properties Only
  • Primary Residence Only
  • Geographic Restrictions
  • Income REstrictions

Cape Coral Native American Home Loans

Cape Coral HUD 184 Home Loans

HUD 184 Home Loans are solely for Native American and offer a variety of benefits.  Call today to speak with a loan officer to find out more.

  • Primary Residence Only
  • Manual Underwriting for All Loans
  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • Tribal Grants Allowed

Cape Coral Manufactured Home Loans

Great Alternative Cape Coral Housing

Cape Coral reverse mortgages

Your Cape Coral Home at Work

Reverse Mortgage Loans offer seniors options to use their home’s equity for cash or to eliminate payments. Call today to get speak to a Reverse Loan Officer.

  • primary residence only
  • simple qualifying – equity based
  • credit scores not applicable
  • Minimum age 62

Cape Coral Non QM Home Loans

Making Cape Coral Mortgages Possible

Looking for Non Traditional Home Mortgage Loan?  Contact a Loan Officer Today to discuss the alternative mortgage options currently available.

  • Purchase, Rate and Term & Cash-out
  • Primary, Secondary and Investment
  • Full Doc & Bank Statements Programs
  • Corporations OK

Cape Coral One Time Close mortgages

Build Your Cape Coral Dream Home

Want to Build? But unsure of what the future looks like? Remove the risk with a One Time Close Construction Loan.  Call today to see how a OTC loan works.

  • Primary Residence Only
  • Close Once
  • Lock Rate at Contract
  • Traditional Final Mortgage

Cape Coral Refinance Mortgage Loans

Cape Coral Rate & Term Refinance

Refinancing can be a hard decision and the payback can sometimes be confusing.  Call today and let our Loan Officers walk you through the process.

  • Reduce Mortgage Term
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Appraisal Waivers
  • Streamline Options Available

Cape Coral Cash-out Home mortgages

Cape Coral Equity Mortgage Loans

Cash-Out Mortgage Loans make use of the equity in your home by allowing you to refinance the current mortgage and access this equity to use as you see fit.

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Home Improvement
  • Vacation or Education

Cape Coral Florida Mortgage Team

Cape Coral Mortgage Company Reviews

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