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The city of Los Angeles requires no lengthy introduction. The vibrant scenery, exciting nightlife, booming economy, great weather, fabulous attractions — these are just some of the many reasons why so many people want to call the ‘City of Angels’ home. 

If you’re looking to buy a home in Los Angeles, you’ll likely need a home loan to seal the deal. At Capital Home Mortgage, we provide a variety of home loan programs, including Jumbo loans, ideal for financing homes for sale in a city like Los Angeles. 

How To Qualify For A Home Loan In Los Angeles

Knowing how to qualify for a Los Angeles mortgage loan is an essential aspect of the home buying process. It will help narrow your choices so you can quickly find the right home loan program for your needs.

The qualification criteria for home loans vary depending on the type of program that you want. However, there are some minimum requirements that you’ll need to meet before talking to a lender. These include: 

  • Down Payment

Most mortgage products require a down payment. The actual percentage varies from one type of loan to the other. FHA home loans require 3.5%; conventional loans require 3 – 5% downpayment. Jumbo home loans need a 10% to 20% down payment. Other loans require nothing.

Every borrower must provide their last two months’ bank statements to show where their source of funds to close on the loan is coming from.

  • Credit Score 

If you want to apply for a home loan in Los Angeles, you need a decent credit score. Lenders expect a credit score of 620, though it might need to be higher for certain types of loans. Equifax, a leading credit bureau, says that a good credit score for a mortgage starts at 670. The rule of thumb is the higher the credit score, the more creditworthy you will appear to lenders. 

  • Debt-to-income (DTI) Ratio

There are two types of DTI ratios, front-end and back-end. The front-end ratio relates your income relative to the proposed housing expense. This is called the monthly PITI (Principal Interest, Taxes, Insurance, etc.) or your proposed monthly housing expense. It should be no more than 36% of your gross income.

The back-end ratio combines all your current monthly payments and debts plus the proposed monthly housing expense PITI). The rule of thumb is that your DTI ratio should be 45%. Different home loan programs have other DTI ratio guidelines; some like FHA may go 50 – 55% with compensating factors. 

Some loans may require this percentage to be lower, around 35% to 40%. Then again, some lenders may be willing to accept a DTI of up to 50%, provided you’re able to meet other stringent conditions. 

  • Income And Employment

These are important because they demonstrate your ability to repay the loan. When approaching a lender about Los Angeles mortgages, you’ll need to provide the standard documents such as your most recent 30-day paycheck stubs and your last two years’ W2s. For self-employed or 1099 employees, you will need your previous two years’ tax returns and a current profit and loss statement. 

Los Angeles, CA Mortgage Lender

If you’re looking for a reliable mortgage lender in Los Angeles, look no further — Capital Home Mortgage is here for you. 

We understand that buying a home can be a stressful experience, especially if this is your first time. With Capital Home Mortgage in your corner, you can expect a more streamlined loan process from start to finish. 

We are a direct mortgage lender, which means we can offer flexible underwriting policies suited to fit any borrower, as well as on-time closing, low fees, and competitive interest rates. 

Ready To Apply For A Home Loan In Los Angeles?

Whether you’re a first-time borrower or an experienced real estate investor, the Capital House Mortgage team can help you realize your dream of homeownership in Los Angeles. Give us a call now at (323) 767-8899 to discuss your mortgage options with our experienced loan officers

We look forward to providing your next Los Angeles home loan. 

Why Los Angeles is Choosing Capital Home Mortgage...

Close On Time with True Approval

Control of the Loan from the Application to Funding.

Great Los Angeles Rates / Low Fees

Direct Mortgage Lender Providing Competitive Rates and Low Fees.

Los Angeles Customer Service

7  Day a Week Support from Application to Final Mortgage Payment. 

Los Angeles Mortgage Rates

Capital Home Mortgage Los Angeles is dedicated to offering Great Los Angeles Mortgage Rates. 

Call now to speak with a Loan Officer or request a no obligation custom rate quote.

Have you ever wondered why interests rates are what they are and what determines the final rate?  Why borrowers receive different interest rates? Or why rates go up and down?  Interest Rates are calculated using several factors.

  • Demand for the mortgage Securities
  • Property securing the mortgage
  • occupancy of the property
  • Loan to value of the property
  • Borrower’s credit worthiness

Los Angeles California Mortgage Loans

Los Angeles Home Purchases

Buying a Los Angeles Home?

  • Primary, 2nd, Investment
  • Low Rates & Low Fees
  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA
  • Jumbo, Reno, Manufactured

Los Angeles Renovation Home Loans

Los Angeles Rehab Loans

  • Remodel, Renovate, Repair
  • FHA 203K Streamline or Full
  • Fannie Mae Homestyle Reno
  • Freddie Mac Choice Reno

Los Angeles FHA Home Loans

1st Time Los Angeles Homebuyers

  • Smaller Down Payment
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Higher Debt to Income Ratios
  • Lower Credit Scores Allowed

Los Angeles VA Home Loans

100% Loans for Los Angeles Veterans

  • Simply Qualifying
  • No Down Payments 
  • Lower Credit Scores Allowed
  • Manual Underwriting Allowed

Los Angeles Conventional Home Loans

Flexibility for Los Angeles Buyers

  • Primary, 2nd, Investment
  • Great Rates & Low Fees 
  • Single and Multi-Family
  • Renovation Loan Programs

Los Angeles Jumbo Home Loans

Great Los Angeles Rates

  • Primary & 2nd Homes
  • Higher Amounts – 3 Million
  • Great Interest Rates
  • Investor Specific Guidelines

Los Angeles USDA Home Loans

Los Angeles Rural Properties

  • Rural Properties Only
  • Primary Residence Only
  • New Manufactured Homes
  • Closing Costs Can Be Rolled In

Los Angeles Native American Loans

Los Angeles HUD 184 Loans

  • Primary Residence Only
  • Manual Underwrite All Loans
  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • Tribal Grants Allowed

Los Angeles Manufactured Home Loans

Los Angeles Home Loans

  • Purchase or Refinance
  • New Home Purchase
  • OTC Combo Land & Home
  • FHA, VA, USDA, & HUD 184

Los Angeles Reverse Mortgages

Your Los Angeles Home at Work

  • Primary Residence Only
  • Simple Qualifying
  • Credit Scores Not Applicable
  • Minimum Age 62

Los Angeles Cash-Out Refinance

Los Angeles Equity Refinance

  • Reduce Mortgage Term
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Appraisal Waivers
  • Streamline Options Available

Los Angeles Mortgage Refinance

Los Angeles Rate & Term Refinance

  • Purchase, Refi & Cash-out
  • Primary, 2nd & Investment
  • Full Doc & Alt Doc Programs
  • Corporations OK

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