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FHA Home Loans
Designed to Make Home Ownership Easy By Offering Lower Credit Scores and Low Down Payments
VA Home Loans
100% Financing with No Loan Limits for All Active Duty Military, Retired, Honorably Discharged Service Members or Surviving Spouses
USDA Home Loans
Financing for Rural Properties With Zero Down
Conventional Home Loans
Offers Great Rates and Higher Loan Limits for Primary, Secondary and Investment Properties
Jumbo Home Loans
Financing For Purchases Where the Loan Exceeds Conforming Limits
HuD 184 Native American
Financing with Low Down and No Credit Score Requirements
One Time Construction Loans
Close Once... Lock In Today's Rates
Reverse Mortgages
Financing of a Home Purchase Where the Borrowers are Over 62 Years Old and Are Wanting to Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments.

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Looking into Home Purchase? Learn about term options and loan programs to find the mortgage loan that is best for you.

New Home Purchase Mortgage Terms

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

Fixed rate mortgage loans are designed to have equal fixed payments for the specified term. These offer predictability and are deemed to be less risky for borrowers. Fixed rate mortgage loans are available with all mortgage products and are typically offered in 15 year and 30 year terms. Fixed rate mortgage loans are also offer in 10 year, 20 year and 25 year terms although less common due to demand.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans known as ARM ‘s are also available with all mortgage products although are limited with FHA home mortgages, VA home mortgages and USDA home mortgages. ARM’s are great fit for home buyers who plan to sell or refinance their home between 1 and 10 years and are looking for the lowest possible payment. ARM’s are also a product the offers a lower rate during times where fixed rates are demanding higher rates. An adjustable rate mortgage begins as fixed rate for a specific period of time then adjusts the rate on a predetermined time period and a predetermined amount based on financial index and a fixed margin.

Mortgage Products

Capital Home Mortgage is a full service home mortgage company specializing in new home purchases with low rates and offers a full line of mortgage products: FHA Home LoansVA Home Loans, USDA Home LoansConventional Home Loans, Jumbo Home LoansReverse Mortgages as well as One Time Construction Loans and 184 Native American Loans.  

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