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FHA Home Loans
Simple Streamline, Full Documentation, or Cashout
VA Home Loans
Interest Rate Reduction "IRRRL" or Cash-out
Conventional Home Loans
Refinances for Primary, Secondary and Investment Properties
USDA Home Loans
Refinancing for USDA to USDA Rural Property Loans Only
Jumbo Home Loans
Refinancing When the Loan Exceeds Conforming Limits
Hud 184 Native American Loans
Refinancing to Lower Your Payment, Reduce Loan Term or Renovate
Reverse Mortgages
Refinancing to Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments and/or Cashout

What is the purpose of your Mortgage Refinance?

Reduce the Payment? Shorten the Term? Equity Cash-out?
No Matter the Goal... Capital Home Mortgage has a program to meet your needs.

FHA Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

FHA Home Mortgages have two types of refinances available, Full documentation and streamline. A FHA refinance can be used for primary residences as well as investment properties provided the investment property was your primary at the time you purchased using the FHA loan. The full documentation refinance requires income verification and an appraisal and is the most popular allowing the borrower to cash-out the equity in the property (Texas Excluded) or roll the closing costs into the new loan. The second FHA Refinance is a streamline which requires no income or appraisal but doesn’t allow closing cots to be rolled in.

FHA Home Refinance

  • Appraisal Required
  • 97.75% Max Loan to Value
  • Closing Costs Can Be Rolled In
  • 85% Max Loan to for Cash-out
  • Cash-out Option Available
  • County Loan Limits Apply

FHA Streamline Refinance

  • FHA to FHA
  • No Income Qualification
  • No Appraisal Required
  • Closing Costs Cannot Be Rolled In
  • No Lates on Mortgage in Last Year
  • Payment Must Drop on Fixed Rates

VA Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

VA Home Mortgages offers two types of refinances. The first is an Interest Rate Reduction Loan known as an IRRRL, which is a VA loan to VA loan.  The second is full documentation as rate and term or cash-out. The IRRRL is the most popular refinance as it requires no income verification, no appraisal, requires that the mortgage payments have been paid on time for the past 7 months and that there is a tangible benefit for the veteran.  Second is a full documentation loan requiring income verification and an appraisal.  This can be either a rate and term conversion from another type of mortgage program or a cash-out of equity. (Texas Excluded)

VA Home Refinance

  • Appraisal Required
  • Closing Costs Can Be Rolled In
  • 90% Max Loan for Rate and Term
  • Cash-out Option Available
  • Primary Residence Only

VA Streamline Refinance

  • VA to VA
  • No Appraisal Needed
  • No Income Documentation Needed
  • Reduced Funding Fee – Financed
  • Primary and Investment Properties

USDA Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

USDA Home Mortgages offer only USDA to USDA refinancing. All USDA program guidelines still apply including the geographical and income restrictions.

Conventional Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

Conventional Home Mortgages offers refinancing with higher loan limits and offers more options but require full documentation for income assets and usually an appraisal unless a property inspection wavier is granted.
    • Primary, Secondary & Investment Properties
    • Single Famliy, Duplex, Tri and 4-Plex
    • Rate and Term
  • Cash-Out Equity
  • Loan to Value Restirctions Apply
  • County Loan Limits Apply

Jumbo Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

Jumbo Home refinancing require the same higher credit standards and equity that purchase transactions require.

HUD 184 Native American Mortgage Refinance Loans

Mortgage Loan Sponsored by that does not require a minimum credit score and can. be used as a rate and term to lower your payment or as a renovation loan for improvements.

Reverse Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

Covert a traditional home mortgage into an equity line and / or stop monthly mortgage payments.

Not sure if a mortgage refinance makes sense. Call and speak with one of our friendly mortgage professionals.   They will be happy to walk you through your options and help you decide if a refinance is in your future.

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